I'll start with being honest. I have put off writing the About Me section until I couldn't put if off any longer. I am not accustom to talking about myself in a clever and catchy way, or even talking about myself at all, so I guess I will focus on why I do what I do.

I have a true passion for photography. It took many years of wrestling with my likes and dislikes until I finally discovered my true calling in life, and that, my friends, I consider to be one of my greatest accomplishments.

I feel most alive when I create an image that encapsulates the full mind, body, and spirit of another individual. A moment that is beautiful, magical, and emotional all on its own, without any fabrication.

I strive to capture natural, organic beauty. This is what I find most beautiful and this is what I create. I think it is innately built into each and every human being to want to create something meaningful, beautiful, and purposeful in their lives. In the end, photography allows me to be a creator.